5 Delicious Mule Recipes You Need to Try!

We all love the classic Moscow Mule – vodka, lime, ginger beer. Could it be even better? 

Here are our top 5 fan-favorite Mule creations.


#1. Mule-jito 

See what we did there? This one is ridiculously refreshing on a hot summer day. If you missed the name, it's sort of a cross-between Mule and Mojito. You can also use rum instead of vodka to make it lean more towards the Mojito side of Mule-jito.


#2. Mexican Mule

A mule is almost a donkey, right? And "donkey" in Spanish is "Burro." "Little donkey" is "burrito." So we can logically call this Mexican Mule a Mexican Burrito, right? Not sure that sounds as delicious as it is! Another must-try.


#3. Blue-Blooded Mule

Another delicious variation, this one with some amazing blood orange and blueberries. Looks incredible, tastes even better!


#4. Black Honey Mule

Fresh blackberries and sweet honey drizzeled throughout  – SO GOOD!


#5. The JACK-ASS

Alright, first take a moment to appreciate the cleverness of that name. It's a whiskey mule. Jack is a type of ______? What other name can you call a mule? Whoa...


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Matt PureCopper
Matt PureCopper


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